How long does it take to receive the labels?2016-11-22T14:02:39+01:00

Label delivery times may vary from one order to the next as several decisive factors for the work must be kept in mind, such as:

  • Type of chosen paper: the choice of paper is one of the most important aspects to create the labels and the customer has a wide range from which to choose the type of paper that is most in line with their requirements. Modulprint ensures itwill locate the chosen material in 3-5 days.
  • Label processing and finishing: ModulPrint mainly uses two printing techniques: hot foil printing and screen printing. Both have precise technical times: 1 day to obtain the stereotype and 3 days for the production of the screen print frame.
  • Die cut creation: the creation of the die cut needs 3 days.


Generally, ModulPrint creates a label for the wine industry in 10 working days and 3 days for a pre-printed label.

Why is the colour different to the one on the screen?2016-11-22T14:00:00+01:00

The chosen colour for the label to be printed may vary according to the type of paper selected; this is why it is essential that the customer chooses the tone in accordance with the Pantone code and assists at the first entry into the machine of the label.

Why are there air bubbles between the bottle and the label?2016-11-22T12:58:55+01:00

ModulPrint has always used top-quality paper that is anti-mould and has durable adhesives that ensure efficient durability over time, even in particular conditions, such as bottles that go in the refrigerator.

During the application of the label onto the bottle, 5 factors must be considered:

  • The bottle must be totally dry
  • Basic conditions for labelling must be respected: temperature and humidity
  • Check all glass bottles on which a label will be applied to detect any impurities
  • The sponge used to apply the label must ensure minimum pressure on the label
  • Once the label is applied on the bottle it must be left for a minimum time to adhere.
What types of file formats are used?2016-11-22T12:40:28+01:00

Modul Print also guarantees an in-house graphics service to create digital sketches. It is necessary to provide the material in a format suitable to the printing needs, specifically Adobe Illustrator or Indesign, to quickly make the right corrections.

Is it possible to havea test print?2016-11-22T12:38:46+01:00

ModulPrint allows the customer to have a label printing test, but production costs are charged to the customer, therefore itwill be assessed while in progress.

How is a label for a new wine made?2016-11-22T12:33:27+01:00

Customers who wish to create a label for a new wine can benefit from the experience of the graphics department, with which they will decide the layout, colours and image to be created. Furthermore, they can consider the type of paper and finishing with the staff.

It is recommended however to assess if costs are in line with expectations.

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